Welcome to Decagon
Decagon specializes in strengthening establish and newly formed hedge fund businesses. Our support allows managers to maintain focus on areas of core expertise. Our assistance can condense launch and growth timelines, reduce costs, improve investor satisfaction and provide operational efficiencies while planning to meet ambitious targets for your firm.
We leverage our proven “hands-on” experience, successfully planning, and delivering solutions that support comprehensive marketing plans, investor communications, operational infrastructures and rigorous portfolio management processes.
We understand investors’ expectations and the dynamic business model expected of the hedge fund industry.
We go beyond planning, messaging and analytics to help build best-in-class hedge fund organizations.
In order to attract capital, portfolio management teams need to command skills that stretch across 10 dimensions of the asset management business. Hedge fund teams must nimbly cross boundaries from quantitative analysis to fiduciary to skilled presenter.
We are available to assist your firm in growing into a 10 pointed star!

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